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    Date: Fri, 12 Aug 1994 14:39 CDT
    From: Carl.Biancucci@proteon.com
    Anyone know if ATLANTIC records is releasing a 'new' WOODSTOCK CD of the
    original soundtrack ?

    I saw a box set yesterday with the original tunes PLUS unreleased cuts
    by Johnny Winter,Creedence,The Band,and Janis.

That is something else.  I have in my mental "watch-for" file a note
that someone (don't know whether it's Atlantic or not) will be putting
out a 4-CD Woodstock set, and one CD will be the entire Who set.

Don't quote me on this following stuff, but as I remember one of the
other CDs will be all of Hendrix's set, another CD is all of someone
else's set, and the fourth is assorted.