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Re: FAQs etc.

Hi all,

Catching up on lots of mails...

	Joe Giorgianni:
	Subject: Daltrey at Saratoga 8/9

	Roger played to a miniscule crowd of less than 3,000 at the Saratoga
	Performing Arts Center last night 15 miles south of me. I didn't go to the
	show but if anyone is interested I can post the review our local paper ran.

	The Who played the same venue on August 2, 1971 to a then record crowd of
	nearly 40,000. That show I did go to.

Thanks for posting the review Joe. How about posting a review of the '71 show?
That is if you remember anything. Maybe you could find the old review at the
local library or something, to jar your memory. I find reviews of Who shows, at their
peak, extremely interesting. I was too young to see them then myself so...

	Subject: Lifehouse


	A while back someone was asking about what tracks should or should not have
	been part of "Lifehouse". I meant to post a reply then, but I didn't get
	around to it. 

	Anyway, a year or so ago I made a list of songs that I was pretty sure were
	set for "Lifehouse" and tried to take a stab at the order based on the plot.
	Here's my best guess. Thoughts?

	-- Owen

Good guess, Owen. I'm absolutely thrilled with everything about Lifehouse: The idea,
the Music, the various Who recordings etc. I'd love to find out more about it, to
read more about it.

    		People gather at the Lifehouse, and tune in to the music.

The only comment to your list is that, I remember having read in "Before I get old"
(I think) that "Going Mobile" was about some low life characters who spent their
time riding around in vans. Thet weren't at all central to the plot. The story also
included some farmers, so perhaps even the song "Now I'm a Farmer" was a "Lifehouse 

Also, it seems to me that "Getting in tune" is more of a love song like "Mary" and "Love
ain't for keeping".

	From: Wes Biggs <wbiggs@chaph.usc.edu>
	Subject: Hypertext and a FAQ

	Fellow listers,
	There's been a few questions about a FAQ recently.  I'm greatly
	interested in helping put one together.  I think between our
	collective Who trivia bases we could put something really great
	together, both for people new to the Who and for actual Frequently
	Asked Questions, like "Who came up with the name for Led Zeppelin?"
	and "Where can I find the list archived?"

	My own personal cyberspace interest right now is the World Wide Web.
	I'd like to propose a HTML database (which I'll be happy to code) --
	but to do so I need DATA.


Yes, I definately think that we should try to make someting better than just an
"ordinary" FAQ. I mean considering the immense amount of information we wholisters
have put together, we should be able to make the "mother" of a Who-Information-database.

In a way, the archived list is already a great source of information. This could be
downloaded, put into a word processor, and you can search on just any topic you like.

If this could be made easier, like a real data base. I think we're on to something.

I volunteer to write anything related to the Who in Scandinavia. The database could
include things like: discographies, reviews of concerts, general Who history,
the naming of Led Zeppelin (This topic is beginning to be a bit boring), songlyrics.

I even think that the Who management would be interested in having such a database
that could be used by rock and roll journalists to get background information
about the Who, Pete Townshend, Tommy, the Cinncinnatti disaster - whatever.

- Svante