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Hi everyone -

I was wondering if any of you Who fans might be able to assist me in 
obtaining some Who research/information.

First, the Who camp contacted me and wanted to know if there were any 
lists of Who records - all compilations, releases, and re-releases - that 
have been released outside the United States and Canada (meaning 
everywhere else in the world) between the years 1966 and 1971.  They are 
NOT looking for bootlegs or cover versions, rather actual releases, 
original, re-release and compilation.  (I think the management or someone 
within The Who is actually trying to chronicle their career.)

Secondly, the people putting together the Tommy CD-Rom wanted to know if 
anyone had any quality Tommy bootlegs, audio only, that they might be able 
to put on the CD-Rom.  They're looking for records, tapes or CDs.  If you 
have any good, and rare, Tommy recordings, please send me a list of what 
you have.  I'll contact you individually if they can use it on the CD-Rom. 
(Obviously, you're also going to have to be willing to part with your 
recording for a short while.)  

If any of you can help me out, I will make sure you're credited for what 
you do.  You also might want to send me your postal address and possibly 
your phone number just in case the people actually putting this stuff 
together want to contact you directly.  (They're not on Internet yet.)

Thanks in advance for any assistance you might be able to give.


PS:  I just saw Roger at the Merriwether Post Pavillion in Columbia, MD.  
The show rocks - forget the Carnegie Hall stuff - the show is definitely 
worth seeing.  The management is still finalizing the tour dates, so if I 
can get an updated itinerary I'll post it here for all of you.  (I think 
in one of the postings, someone said the Minnesota gig was off - I have it 
slated for September 3 at the Minnesota State Fair.  As of last night, I 
was told the gig is still on.)

PPS:  Wendy Cotrell - if you read this, please send me your Internet 
address.  I know I'll be better with correspondence if I do it from 

Thanks again, everyone.