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Hypertext and a FAQ

Fellow listers,

There's been a few questions about a FAQ recently.  I'm greatly
interested in helping put one together.  I think between our
collective Who trivia bases we could put something really great
together, both for people new to the Who and for actual Frequently
Asked Questions, like "Who came up with the name for Led Zeppelin?"
and "Where can I find the list archived?"

My own personal cyberspace interest right now is the World Wide Web.
I'd like to propose a HTML database (which I'll be happy to code) --
but to do so I need DATA.

I'll run an Archie and other netwide searches for anything pertaining
to the band, and I've got lyrics, etc.  A detailed discography would
be a great help.  (And anyone who would like to suggest ideas or help
out, feel free, maybe this can be a wholist project?)

Once I've got anything at all put together, I'll post the info on "how
to get there".