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Mea Culpa

Lynn et al:

No, y'all haven't missed anything.  Unfortunately (and fortunately), my
job responsibilities have expanded about 50% over the last month (no promotion,
just more fun! ;^P ), and I've had to put more avocational activities on the 
back burner temporarily.  The survey results (and, boy, I hope you think they
are worth the wait!) will be in your e-mailboxes within one week (hopefully
sooner).  Thanks ever so much for your (collective) patience.

Of course, I'm never too busy to spout off my mouth here and there, and all
esoteric joking (Lifehouse/Lighthouse, brother/son, Daltry/Daltrey, etc.) aside,
I'd like to add to Marty's comments and emphasize the importance of having
fresh ideas and input to our list!  Not having been on it more than a few months
myself, I have quickly found it to be a friendly, responsive, and intelligent
list.  I wouldn't want to make someone uncomfortable being here just because
they don't know that Pete has tinnitus!  I mean, puh-lease!  That is *not* to
say that I don't support our correcting/clarifying each others' facts and 
points.  I -- and I suspect most of us -- absolutely do!  Perhaps, though, we
should try to approach such commentary as "teaching", or enlightenment of our
"less-enlightened" fellow Who fans!  I know y'all have already "taught" me alot!
This, rather than  a)"oh you idiot, didn't you know that already" kind of 
approach, or b) um, well, I think that might not be exactly right?  In short,
let's not feel we have to walk on eggshells (I'm sure many of us don't!), but
why discourage an enthused, yet new Who fan from speaking up?

I think the point about the "joyriders" was a very good one.  Kinda like riding
out a storm and letting everything settle again.

We all have different backgrounds/interests/experience with regard to The Who,
but we *all* love their music.  So, in commemoration of that day 25 years ago
(when I was crying for a bottle and dirtying my diaper no doubt), let's all
apply the principles of peace and love to this list!

(UGH  achhhhhh eeeeech   bleh bleh   ptuey  ichhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh -- ok so I
took it a BIT too far.  You get the gist!)

Good weekend all,


"Communicate, communicate, via satellite and solid state, never never hesitate,
communicate, communicate..."
					---PDBT, "Communcation", from ATBCHCE