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Daltrey Show Update Info

I finally got around to getting my tickets for the Oct 7
show at the Concord Pavillion in Concord CA (east and
a little north of San Francisco).  The BASS agent spelled
Daltrey right on the first try!  Since I didn't remember
the exact date he searched for all Daltrey entries and it
turns out there is also a show scheduled for Fresno on
Oct 12.  (Alan - another entry for your list).

Tickets are not bad, but there *are* other ticket holders
out there.  I'm about row 25 (depending on how many rows
get used for the orchestra) and quite well centered.

If other list-ers are going drop me a line, especially if
you know of a good eating/drinking establishment nearby;
this is my first trip up to Concord for a show.

Side note about the Woodstock box set:  I saw this at
Tower and it contains many unreleased tracks but unfortunately
no new Who material

   Paul Stevens                        {apple|decwrl}!metaphor!pstevens
   Metaphor Computer Systems           pstevens@metaphor.com
   Mountain View, CA