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Stereo Review's opinion on Box Set

Taken from the Popular Music section of September's Stereo Review.  

By Steve Simels

Greatest hits compilations by the Who have outnumbered actuall Who
albums for so long now that one might question whether we really need
yet another career retrospective on the band.  In the case of the
spiffy new four-CD box set "The Who: Thirty Years of Maximum R&B" the
answer is a qualified yes; there are enough previously unreleased
tracks here to satisfy hardcore Who nuts and, for more casual fans,
all the hits are included in swell-sounding, newly remastered
versions.  (Personally, I would have ditched the post-Keith Moon
stuff in favor of say, the often-bootlegged studio version of
Summertime Blues, but I'm a hardcore Who nut.)  As you might expect,
the set also contains an illustrated booklet with detailed
discography and a critical essay by (wotta suprise!) Dave Marsh.  A
good job, though at this point a but superfluous.

end of article.

BTW on the Stones list there have been many posted reviews for Voodoo
Lounge.  If someone sees another review or has one already on this
box set please post it!!