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Quick notes...

    Date: Tue, 9 Aug 1994 20:29 CDT
    From: Wes Biggs <wbiggs@chaph.usc.edu>

    A few things, quickly, I wanted to mention:

    1) the Usenet group sounds great to me.

Indeed?  Have a gander at the enclosed samples:

   >I don't have the boxed set, but I have all of their albums.  My favorite
   >song, among some other great ones, is "Who Are You" released in the later
   >70s.  The album, WHO'S NEXT must have been their greatest piece of work
   >('73, I think).
   Yeah, Who Are You?  Released in 1978, is definately one of my
   favorites...  I only have that, Tommy and the boxed set...  I hear
   that Quadrophenia is an album that definately is worth checking out...
   but then isn't all who material like that?  :)
   : >Well, I like the who, and I just saw "Tommy" preformed at the
   : >Universial Ampatheatre up in Pasadena...  Pretty good show...  I
   : >really liked it..  So, what is everyone's opinion on the new boxed
   : >set?
   I don't know if what I heard was "the box set", but I heard someone's
   CD of "Tommy" the Broadway show or whatever it is, and I nearly 
   got sick.  What a way to ruin great music.
   "I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!"  Velveeta cheese at its best.
   Long live THE WHO.
   I've heard that most of the songs on Who's Next are from a never
   completed rock opera. Does anyone know more about this?
						   Peter Trei
   In article <329k5b$sk7@linus.mitre.org>,
   Peter Trei <ptrei@bistromath.mitre.org> wrote:
   >I've heard that most of the songs on Who's Next are from a never
   >completed rock opera. Does anyone know more about this?
   >						Peter Trei
   Yes, it was going to be called Lighthouse.  Or at least it is always referred
   to as the Lighthouse project.  Apparently, it was going to be a story about
   a kid who sold his soul to the devil to play rock n' roll.  A little cliche,
   but I think Townsend could have done a great job.
   Steve Kaye
 Sun Dec  7 12:12:12 PST 1997
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 1994 16:32:24 -0500
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Don't look down on the alt.music.who posts as the product of musical 
ignoramases...look at as an opportunity to share the skull full of trivia and 
opinions each of us has about the Who. What better use do you have for the fact 
that you know the names of all the Who's parents! :)

Not to be egotistical, but some of us here could be the greatest thing that ever
happened to a young, or unknowing Who fan. Share the "wealth", folks...