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trivia mania

No offense, Alan, but *my* intrepretation of the question was that "one" (as
in "I'm not telling you *which* track, but one amongst the group") track has
this mystery guitarist.

If that is indeed the case, I *still* am stumped.  Is it a trick question?  Is
it Milli Vanilli?  :^)

OK -- a more serious guess:  could it be, Greg Allman?  (I don't know anything
about him missing any digits, though).  John Fogerty?  

In any case, this is fun!  Any more Who-trivia buffs out there, please post
away!  It's nice to excercise a different part of my brain every so often amidst
the work day!  I'll try to think of some stumpers myself, but y'all will be a
tough bunch to stump!