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Re: Jimmy Page on Who/Kinks Recordings

At 10:05 AM 8/4/94 EDT, Ron Crandall wrote:
>      I played rhythm guitar on the Who's first single, "I Can't Explain."
>   I really wasn't needed at the session, but I was fortunate enough to
>   find myself there.  It was simply a case of strengthening riffs, using
>   two guitars instead of one."
>       - The Led Zeppelin Biography, p. 33. (by Ritchie Yorke, 1976)
>No disrespect to Brent or Mr. Talmy, but that makes it 2 to 1 against Talmy.

No, it makes it a tie between Townsend and Talmy because Page makes it up
as he goes along. 

>   [Page: (after Zigzag magazine brought Davies' remarks to his attention]
>      Fair enough -- I didn't really do that much on the Kinks' records.  I
>   know I managed to get a couple of riffs in on their album but I can't
>   really remember.  I know that Ray didn't really approve of my presence.
>   The Kinks just didn't want me around when they were recording.  It was
>   Shel Talmy's idea.  One aspect of being in the studio while potential hits
>   were being made was the press -- too many writers were making a big fuss
>   about the use of session men.  Obviously I wasn't saying anything to the
>   press but it just leaked out . . . and that sort of thing often led to
>   considerable bad feeling.

So he's blaming it on writers? He's saying that he never said he played the
solo on YRGM, somebody else said it? Come on.

Looking at the writers' credits for "Bring It On Home" on LZ2 and then listening
to Sonny Boy Williamson's recording should tell you something about Page's