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Re: Daltrey on Tonight Show

    Date: Fri, 5 Aug 1994 08:42 CDT
    From: marini@ben.dev.upenn.edu (Janice K. Marini)

    I liked watching little brother Simon -- he seemed to be enjoying himself,
    but missed having Ent. on backing vocals.  The horns were nice.  But can
    anyone tell me who the guy with the puffy eyes is (singing next to Simon)?

Billy Nicholls.  He sang on the '89 tour and on Pete's PsyD '93 tour, as
well as the Carnegie DST last February.

    It was weird seeing RD pal around with Don Rickles, 

That _was_ odd; it looked like they had traded jokes (barbs?) from years
ago, and were renewing an old friendship (while Jay twiddled his

    but I was glad Roger
    unequivocally stated that the Who were/are the best band in the world.  It
    gets tiring to hear that about the Stones every time they tour. 

Indeed, but I've learned not to get into debates over this one.