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Re: Daltrey on Tonight Show

>        WEll, I saw Roger on the Tonight Show last night, and enjoyed his
> perfomance, but i think the "interview" wasn't very good..
> Thoughts, ideas?
> --Chris
> _________________________________________________
I realize this is probably heresy, but I really didn't like Daltrey's
performance on Leno.  Of all the songs in the DST repetoire, I was
surprised he chose something as meek as "You Better You Bet" -- unless he
wanted to emphasize the line "I look pretty crappy, sometimes."

I liked watching little brother Simon -- he seemed to be enjoying himself,
but missed having Ent. on backing vocals.  The horns were nice.  But can
anyone tell me who the guy with the puffy eyes is (singing next to Simon)?

It was weird seeing RD pal around with Don Rickles, but I was glad Roger
unequivocally stated that the Who were/are the best band in the world.  It
gets tiring to hear that about the Stones every time they tour. 

On the whole it was ok, but I really had higher expectations.  I guess I
shouldn't have -- it _was_ Leno, not Letterman, as Chris pointed out.  IMHO,
it could have used more power, more microphone tricks, more enthusiasm. 
Beats the hell out of Conan O'Brien, though....