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Dtls on 'Who Covers Who'

Hi There,

>I saw a new CD in the store the other day titled "Who covers Who" which 
>was was, not surprisingly, a collection of groups doing Who tracks.

I bought this 2 or 3 wks ago in the HMV store in Manchester:

Who Covers Who      Various Artists      CM Discs / Bad Girl CM 006 CD

(P) 1993

1.  I Can See For Miles          Hyperhead
2.  Pictures of Lily             Ian McLagan And The Bump Band
3.  The Kids Are Alright         The Revs
4.  Bargain                      Buck Pets
5.  Boris The Spider             Mint 400
6.  The Good's Gone              Telescopes
7.  In The City (*)              Swervedriver
8.  Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere     Alex Chilton
9.  Substitute                   Blur
10. Baba O'Riley                 The Hinnies
11. Glowgirl                     The Mess
12. The Good's Gone (slight reprise)
                                 Brilliant Corners

(*) b-side of 'I'm A Boy' (it says in the inlay notes)

I've been listening to it a lot over the past week. All of the covers are 
true to the spirit of the original songs, there isn't one that makes me 
wince or want to skip to the next track. Perhaps the least successful is 
the Alex Chilton one which is too close a copy. All IMHO of course.

The inlay notes are pretty good and give catalog nos of each Who original 
with best chart placing and date. Also recording details for each cover. 
I think the sleeve design is pretty good too.

Recommended listening!


Angela Lamb (angela@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Life's an illusion / love is a dream...