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Daltrey in Goldmine


I guess for a lot of you Americans out there this is old news, but I just 
bought the July issue of Goldmine yesterday which had a long interview 
with Roger Daltrey in it.

I found the interview very, very interesting. It's nice to hear someone 
else's views after having read many interviews with Pete Townshend.

It still seems like the two, Roger and Pete, are fighting for control 
over... whatever it is these days... the band ? Roger also seems to 
critisize just about everything and everyone. Rightly so?

Anyway, it was very controversial and interesting. I won't go into any 
detail, but I think you should read it if you have the chance. (Maybe you 
already have)

Also, comments by Pete and Roger are in the magazine "Mojo" an, I 
believe, English mag by the same publishers as "Q". This was a "Woodstock 

- Svante