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Daltrey at Leno


Luckily, since NBC has bought European Superchannel, I got to see the Jay 
Leno show last night with "The music of Roger Daltrey" as special guest star.

After having first been nearly bored to death by Leno, Daltrey and 
_his_ band made a fresh and fairly exciting performance of "You better 
you bet".

They started off a bit hesitatingly, but in the second verse and at the 
end of the song I felt they were really kicking. The sound wasn't 
particularly good. The drums sounded strange. Zak Starkey kept hitting a 
strange sounding cymbal, or was it Jody Linscott?

Simon Townshend played the role that Pete had in '89. He even played the 
Guitar (shaking it) like Pete does, and jumping up to the microphone on 
one foot, off balance, to do his backing vocals.

Simon's inclusion in the band is a real mystery to me. Is this with 
Pete's blessing or what? It seems he was brought on mainly because of his 
voice. He sings _very_ much like Pete.

John was standing behind Roger during the song, not at the side like he 
did with the Who. I don't think he sang backing vocals either.

Of course the interview afterwards wasn't very special. It was just as 
superficial as they usually are at Leno's. At least Daltrey seemed happy 
and really excited to go on the road. That's good.

- Svante