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Fillmore "Master" Tapes/Burned Tapes/ICE

When ICE reported that the Shakin All Over set (which is NOT an official
release) was mastered from the original two-track recording, I'm sure they
meant the original stereo soundboard tape.  When bands record a concert for
official release, they generally use a multitrack recorder (depending on the
time period, anywhere from 4 tracks to 32 tracks, or even more).  The
multitrack tapes are then mixed down to a two-track stereo master.  Very few
artists, however, make multitrack recordings of each show.  Most of the
"professional" sounding tapes that circulate among collectors are actually
soundboard tapes.  These recordings are done direct to two track; no
additional mixing is done.  Although the results can be quite professional
(listen to Joe Jackson's Big World album or the recently released Husker Du
live album, The Living End), the sound will generally be less polished than a
multitrack recording.

I hate to say this but . . . . PETE,  YOU EEEDIOT!!!!!!!!  I can't believe he
burned all the tapes (ok, I can--Pete was probably f&$%#d up at the time).
 All that history up in smoke.  What a tragedy.  I can only hope that the set
list was pretty static and that the same material can be found on surviving

ICE is short for International CD Exchange.  This monthly newsletter is
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