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Re: A Quick One/R'n'R Circus

>REGARDING A Quick One/R'n'R Circus

          The book by Richard Barnes (Maximum R&B) has lots of photos
          and fairly complete first-hand accounts of the sessions for
          the RnR Circus -- according to Barnes, the filming sessions
          were long and tedious for all concerned, but Townshend and
          Moon kept everyone in stitches with their antics, including
          painted faces, funny hats, etc.

          Most notable in the photos is Yoko Ono dressed in a witch
          outfit... draw your own conclusions!  :^/

          On a bright note, I was watching my KAAR video for the
          bizillionth time the other day and my wife sat and watched
          it with me for the first time.  She is a total newcomer to
          the Who, and really enjoyed the video.

          So last night we started watching the video of the '89 Tommy
          benefit show (with Steve Winwood, Phil Collins, Patti
          LaBelle, Billy Whatsissneer, and Elton John).  We talked a
          lot about the Russell film (which she's never seen) and the
          original album (which she's never heard).

          She made lots of comments about Roger's voice, which is
          clearly tired from the preceeding tour, and Entwistle's
          phenomenal bass playing (choice quotes: "his fingers just
          sort of flutter, don't they?" and "...so he seems to be the
          only one who doesn't jump around...").

          It's a true pleasure to watch the hooking process happen...

          Next week: the original Tommy album and then... heh,heh,...

                          Live at Leeds!!!