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Jimmy Page on ICE? and RD cancellation

    Date: Sat, 23 Jul 1994 14:36 CDT
    From: csc2imd@cabell.vcu.edu (Ian M. Derby)

    Did Jimmy Page really play on I Can't Explain?  I've heard stories
    that a session between Townshend and Page broke down when Page
    wouldn't let Pete use his fuzzbox.  I keep hearing Zeppelin fans say
    Page actually was on the song but I don't think it's true.  

There's at least two questions wrapped up in this.  According to Dave
Marsh's _Before I Get Old_, Page did play rhythm guitar on _I Can't
Explain_ and lead guitar on the B-side, _Bald-Headed Woman_.  Pete
wouldn't let Page use his Rickenbacker on ICE, and Page returned the
favor by not letting Pete borrow his effect box for BHW; the implication
was that since they wanted the effect, and Page was the only one owning
such equipment, he got to play lead.  As to whether the sessions "broke
down," I don't know whether they mean Pete & Page harbored hard feelings
toward each other during or after this, or terminated plans to produce
more records (I haven't heard any stories about this, but I'm no
authority), but obviously _some_ records resulted.

On a totally different subject, I heard today that Roger's Sep. 9
Raleigh show HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  The Stones are playing there on the
7th (in a different venue); make of this what you will.