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re: Mose, r&r cirkus, Fillmore East

Hi everybody,

A few comments on recent posts:

Michael Thomas:

You say there's a different version on the Ultradisc Tommy CD from '73. I 
haven't heard this so I assume it's the same version and arrangement as 
in the movie but with Roger Daltrey singing and not Eric Clapton, or? Is 
Clapton playing solo Guitar? The Who played this version on the tour in 
'89 too.

Owen Gwilliam, John Golomb:

I have a Mose Allison single CD simply titled "Greatest Hits", it 
includes very funny liner notes written by Pete Townshend. Songwise, it 
includes "Young man blues", "Eyesight..."(Sonny Boy) and another song that 
I've heard that the Who covered called "Country shack" (never heard a Who 
version myself though). I listen to this CD a lot. It's strange though how 
different these song are to the Who's versions. "Young man" is much 
shorter at just a little more than one minute. It also seems much more 
ironic, whereas the Who version of course seems very serious and sincere, 
as if they actually mean what they're singing.

David Brewer:

There is a very good photobook on the Rolling Stones R&R Cirkus out 
there. I just saw it somewhere and flicked through the pages. I don't 
remember why I didn't buy it, but perhaps it was too  expensive. Maybe it 
also had some information as to how they filmed and recorded it (ie how many
takes ets.).


Interesting that they are releasing a "high quality" version of the 
Fillmore East '68 show. However I doubt that the tapes that were taken 
for this CD were the actual masters. Why would they fade songs if it were 
mastertapes? It's possible that the "masters" are actually masters for a 
proposed official album, and that this is the reason they've faded and 
omitted songs. I've heard they played "I'm a boy" at Fillmore, but it's 
not included on the "Shaking all over" CD. The best CD out so far seems 
to be on the label Backtrax, titled simply "Fillmore East '68". I haven't 
heard this myself though, so correct me if I'm wrong.

I have heard that Pete Townshend burned a lot of tapes recorded during 
the _'69_tour_ not the '68. I don't know if it's true though. For 
instance I've heard official recordings (boot CDs) recorded at either 
Fillmore East or West. It could be that the Who assembled a "best 
version's tape" from all their recordings at their 5 date (?) shows at 
Fillmore East '69, and then burned the masters. A wild guess?

Speaking of assembling tapes. Does anyone know exactly which songs were 
taken from what shows for the "Who's last" album?

- Svante