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fillmore east 4/6/68

about the new bootleg cd discussed here yesterday,  i have also heard reports
that it is indeed from the original mixed down two track tape that was the
source for the original vinyl boot.
the correct date of the show was 4/6/68, and as i recall, the who wanted to
release a live album around this time in the u.s.
and i'm not sure what exactly happened but decca ended up (in their typical
fashion) screwing it up, and the album that did come out (in sept. of '68)
only had a title that sounded 'live',
"magic bus-the who on tour".    the burning tapes story actually comes from
the next year, 1969, when the who tried again to come up with a live album,
to follow tommy.   in this case, they recorded all the shows on their fall
u.s. tour. and then upon returning home were faced with the prospect of
actually having to sit down and listen to them all.   pete decided (due to
the high quality of almost all the shows) that he couldn't make the choices
and scrapped the idea.   he then burnt the tapes (supposedly in his back yard
in twickenham) to prevent them falling into the hands of bootleggers (an
industry just starting to find it's legs).   the band then decided (since
they were playing very consistantly) to just record one or two shows and
release tracks from those as a live album.  hence the recordings of the hull
and leeds shows in feb. of 1970.  the hull tapes had a problem on the bass
end (it wasn't there), so they used leeds for their album.  the leeds show
was just under two hours long, despite what roger may remember, and
interestingly the audience tape that is around of the show doesn't include
'magic bus', which, if it was played, was a encore song.   the entire set
list for leeds is as follows; (and is very similar to most of the other shows
done in this time period.)
heaven and hell
i can't explain
fortune teller/tattoo
young man blues
substitute/i'm a boy/happy jack
a quick one
it's a boy
1921/you didn't hear it
amazing journey
eyesight to the blind
the acid queen
pinball wizard
do you think it's alright?
fiddle about
tommy, can you hear me
there's a doctor i've found
go to the mirror 
smash the mirror
miracle cure
sally simpson
i'm free
tommy's holiday camp
we're not gonna take it/
see me feel me
summertime blues
shaking all over/spoonful
my generation medley