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Shakin All Over CD

The Who's 4/15/68 performance at the Fillmore East is probably one of their
most heavily booted shows, but what had been a legendary vinyl boot was
always very disappointing on CD --- until now, that is.  With the release of
Shakin All Over/Live at the Fillmore East, the show has finally received the
treatment it deserves.  ICE reports that this CD was mastered from the
two-track master tapes, and that may indeed be the case.  Although the
recording is not perfect (there are a few crackles here and there, as was the
case with Live at Leeds), it is in stereo and the quality is truly
exceptional for a twenty-six year old recording of a VERY LOUD show.  The
only big flaw (which I presume is on the original tape, since it was also
earlier boots I had) is a fade-out on Relax and an incomplete A Quick One (it
starts at the Bang Bang part).  The complete track list is as follows:
Summertime Blues/Fortune Teller/Tattoo/Little Billy/Can't Explain/Happy
Jack/Relax/A Quick One/My Way/Shakin All Over/Boris the Spide/My
Generation/Young Man Blues.  The last song was taken from an unidentified
late '69 show.

I remember reading somewhere that the Who had professionally recorded a show
at the Filmore East in 1968 (perhaps it was this show, perhaps it was the
previous night) for official release, but that Pete Townsend hated the
performance and actually burned the tapes!  Can anybody verify this?  If the
multi-tracks do still exist, MCA would have to be crazy (or simply stupid,
which they clearly are) not to release it. The band was really at their
performing peak from 1968-1971, and a single LP from the Leeds show (which
Roger says actually ran nearly three hours) simply isn't enough.