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Box set "A Quick One" source

    Date: Mon, 1 Aug 1994 09:35 CDT
    From: JOEL <jody@cgia.state.nc.us>

    ---Also, I was disappointed with the way they spliced 'A Quick One' together
    from the live and studio tracks. 

This seems to bug a lot of people.  I don't mind it, and it's growing on

    In fact - they give credits on the disc as if it was from
    the Rolling Stones Rock-n-Roll Circus..... NO WAY.  Those live cuts are from
    another show. I've seen that clip too many times... Does anyone know where that
    live track is from?

In answer to me asking a similar question, Svante said he thinks they
did more than one take at the Rock-n-Roll Circus.  All the voices,
instrumentation, and musical arrangements sound extremely similar to the
KAAR cut we're used to hearing.  At present I'd believe that they used
tracks from a different take at the same session before I'd believe that
they misattributed the source altogether.