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Re: Box set "A Quick One" source

>In fact - they give credits on the disc as if it was from
>   the Rolling Stones Rock-n-Roll Circus..... NO WAY.  Those live cuts are from
>    another show. I've seen that clip too many times... Does anyone know where >that
>    live track is from?
>In answer to me asking a similar question, Svante said he thinks they
>did more than one take at the Rock-n-Roll Circus.  All the voices,
>instrumentation, and musical arrangements sound extremely similar to the
>KAAR cut we're used to hearing.  At present I'd believe that they used
>tracks from a different take at the same session before I'd believe that
>they misattributed the source altogether.

I've wondered about this for a long time.  I recall seeing photos of this
session where Keith's face seems to be painted totally white however in the
movie (TKAA) this is not the case.

Whatever, I still think it is one of the greatest live performances I have
ever seen!!! Although the Tanglewood and Isle of Wight shows rank right up
there now too.  I'd pay a lot of money to see these two shows in their
entirety. Amazing!

David Brewer
Sun Microsystems
Chelmsford, Massachusetts