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videotape vs. laserdisc

Hi to all fellow Who fans,

Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between the videotape 
version and the laserdisc version of "30 YRS Live"? I don't think 
there is a difference, but I thought the tape looked shorter. I plan 
on buying the laserdisc, but could buy the tape to save $20. I'd 
appreciate any advice!

Also, I've noticed that there has been some discussion about Roger's 
new album and how it has not yet been released. Well, I've seen it at 
my local record store for a few weeks now. Does anyone have details?

To the person who was curious about the Ultradisc "Tommy" vs. MCA 
"Tommy" -"Eyesight To The Blind" on the Ultradisc is the 1973 version 
whose vocals and instrumentation are noticably different from the 
original release.  I tend to enjoy both, although the 1973 version 
will get the favorable nod!

My personal favorite Who bootleg on cd: Yellow Dog's "Tommy Demos".
I enjoy this more than the official releases.  If anyone has any 
interesting details about the demos on this cd, it would be much