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Eyesight to the Blind

Speaking of Eyesight to the Blind......
It seems like I heard Pete on the box set intro to Young man blues talking 
about Mose Alison being a blues sage...etc.... and that "we've covered
several of his songs.... Eyesight to the Blind from TOMMY was one of those songs..."
I always thought that Sonny Boy Williamson wrote 'Eyesight to the Blind'...

Does somebody know for sure?

---Also, I was disappointed with the way they spliced 'A Quick One' together
from the live and studio tracks. Why in the world wouldn't they have just used 
one or the other. In fact - they give credits on the disc as if it was from
the Rolling Stones Rock-n-Roll Circus..... NO WAY.  Those live cuts are from
another show. I've seen that clip too many times... Does anyone know where that
live track is from?
I hope this topic hasn't already been discussed, but I thought I'd throw it out.

The Mayor