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Re: Game Memories...

Larry broke a cheekbone also during I think the either the '82 or '83
season,(I was about 12 at the time) and while he was out the team went
on an 18 game winning streak. When he came back, in the middle of the
streak, there was actually a debate as to whether Larry should be
prompted inserted into the starting lineup. As I recall, Larry ended
the debate and said he wanted to give the 6th man role a shot, and
that's what he did for a few games, and had one of the alltime great
games by a sixth man, though I can't remember the stats.

---Jim Meninno <jim_meninno@hotmail.com> wrote:
> These game memories are great.  Particularly the ones from people who 
> were actually at the games.  I don't know how you remember such
> I can only remember sketchy details from most of the games I've been
> I had great seats for game 2 vs. Milwalkee in 83.  I'd like to forget 
> that.  I can remember yelling myself hoarse in a Detroit playoff game 
> that the Celtics won.  I can't even remember what year it was,
> My favorite tv memory is "Henderson steals the ball".  I was at 
> orientation for college at the time and was watching it with about 20 
> other people huddled around a 14 inch portable.  
> Can anyone clear something up for me?  I was at a regular season
game in 
> the late 80's.  Bird was fouled hard going for a layup.  My
> is that he was hit in the face and broke a bone.  He came out in the 
> second half and lit the place up.  In the post-game interview he
said he 
> was seeing two baskets and he just shot between them.  I don't know
> I'm confusing this with the Pacer's playoff game when he hit the
> The game I'm talking about was a regular season game in Boston.
> Keep the memories coming.  It's all we've got right now.
> Jim
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