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Game Memories...

These game memories are great.  Particularly the ones from people who 
were actually at the games.  I don't know how you remember such detail.  
I can only remember sketchy details from most of the games I've been to.  
I had great seats for game 2 vs. Milwalkee in 83.  I'd like to forget 
that.  I can remember yelling myself hoarse in a Detroit playoff game 
that the Celtics won.  I can't even remember what year it was, though.  
My favorite tv memory is "Henderson steals the ball".  I was at 
orientation for college at the time and was watching it with about 20 
other people huddled around a 14 inch portable.  

Can anyone clear something up for me?  I was at a regular season game in 
the late 80's.  Bird was fouled hard going for a layup.  My recollection 
is that he was hit in the face and broke a bone.  He came out in the 
second half and lit the place up.  In the post-game interview he said he 
was seeing two baskets and he just shot between them.  I don't know if 
I'm confusing this with the Pacer's playoff game when he hit the floor.  
The game I'm talking about was a regular season game in Boston.

Keep the memories coming.  It's all we've got right now.

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