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game memories

I guess it was because he was trying to show games that highlighted
individual players' greatness, but one I was surprised that Ryan left off
his list was the playoff game vs Atlanta when the Cs played as near a
perfect quarter of basketball (the 3rd) as it was possible to play. Offense
AND defense too, just to make it truly amazing. An *entire team* in the zone
and Atlanta couldn't do anything right to begin to counter it. And the
longer it went on, the more in shock and punch drunk Atlanta looked at what
was happening. Pure magic.

Probably exemplified by Tree Rollins trying to bean Danny Ainge with an
inbounds pass, out of pure frustration. Danny caught the ball, went in for
an uncontested layup and returned the ball to Tree before Tree had time to
get himself inbounds. Next up... : )

And on the subject of layups, have you ever seen anyone whose to the hoop
shot was more purely just that -a lay in- than Danny's? Not a dunk, a slam,
a tip in, a short jump shot, but a simple glide up to the basket and just
lay the ball in over the rim. Doesn't sound like much, but think of all the
blown bunnies from last season that would have been hoops (and try not to
think of how many victories that would have meant) if anyone on the Cs could
do the same, with even fair consistancy.

Kim Malo