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Re: Bird vs Russell

My gosh man, are you even a Celtics fan.  If you remember that moment (they
show it on ESPN all the freaking time) Drexler was all over Bird.  If that was
todays NBA, Larry would have been shooting a free throw to win the game, or if
he had missed the shot he would have been shooting free throws to tie it up.
He did not travel, he clearly was in the air when he shot the ball, it may have
looked funny but he did not travel.  And I'm not exactly sure what you mean by
"a drop of objectivity", but I can be objective and still see that he not only
shot the ball while he was in the air, but was fouled as well.  

Just one question?  Are you really a closet Blazers fan.  You can admit it, it
isn't like we will hunt you down or anything.... :-)

Shawn Roth

> His foot wasn't _close_ to the line, he'd already _landed_inside_ the line
> when he shot the ball. Anyone but Johnny Most should've been able to see
> that not only it wasn't a 3-pointer, it was a walk. That the refs gave it
> to him was a disgrace, IMO. I feel really uncomfortable complaining about
> "Jordan rules" ('though I still do it) when I recall that moment.
> I remember Drexler being gracious about it after the "defeat", as he
> clearly knew, as did anyone with a drop of objectivity, that the refs had
> taken pity on Bird. I thought it was an insult to Larry, just as it
> _should_ have been an insult to Jordan to count his last shot in the '98
> Finals after he cleared out Russell.
> K. Kveraga