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Re: USA bask. TV Schedule

There will only be 5 games broadcast from Greece. They will be shown on ESPN2,
but only if America makes it to the medal round, times have yet to be
established, but only the gold medal game will be live.  I personally think this
is a bunch of bullsh*t, but that is just my humble opinion.

I would much rather see a bunch of our second tier players prove to the rest of
the world whose is the best basketball nation on earth.

Shawn Roth

Originally from uunet!igtc.COM!owner-celtics:
> This also is only mildly Celtics-related (although a lot more than the
> previous posts, given that Michael Hawkins, Jimmy Oliver, and Julius Nwosu
> are all former Celtics :)), but does anyone know the times and the channels
> USA games will be broadcast on from Greece? If you don't know what I'm
> talking, never mind.
> K. Kveraga