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Re: Bird vs Russell

Maybe it would help if some of you veteran fans described what
Russell's game was like.  I've seen footage of him teaching defense,
but he was already retired.  Is it true that he waited until a guy
shot to leave his feet?  What was he like on offense?  Is there
anybody today who reminds you of parts of his game?  How could
somebody get 55 rebounds in a game?    What was his passing like? 
(this is one I've always wondered about)

Let's hear some stories!


---"L. Gordon Associates"  wrote:
>                 I don't usually write.  I'm stuck here in LaLA Land
and just
> enjoy reading the posts.  However, I must respond
>                 to Bird vs Russell.  I am almost 55 years old and
Bird is my
> hero.  My office is full of Bird (and Celtics) memerobilia.
>                 However, Russell is the greatest Celtic ever.  He
may be the
> greatest player to ever play the game.  He certainly                
> it forever.  No player has ever had the impact on the game that
Russell had.
> Not Jordan...not Dr.J...not
>                 Chamberlain.  He was the best and he was a real
hero, too.
>                 I love Bird but my vote goes to Russell.
> Regards,
> Larry 

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