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At least it still means something to somebody

YANKEES / This Team Reminds Torre of Celtic Pride

Lawrence Rocca

They didn't have a single position player start the All-Star Game and
no one on the roster is chasing Roger Maris, but after Chuck Knoblauch
and Jorge Posada each hit his 10th homer yesterday, the Yankees had
seven different players with at least 10 home runs. "It's the old
Boston Celtics," manager Joe Torre said. "Nobody scores 20, but
everybody scores 18." Tino Martinez leads the team with 14, followed
by Paul O'Neill (13), Darryl Strawberry (13), Derek Jeter (11) and
Bernie Williams (11). Next up are Scott Brosius (9) and Chad Curtis
(8) . 

On other fronts, that thing from the Miami Herald made me laugh. 
Walker for Mashburn and Brown was funny enough, but then the deal
being called "too rich for Miami's blood!"  Stop, you're killing me. 
The guy also said that Walker would have to be "moved to power
forward."  What dopes some of these sportswriters are!

How would some of you feel about a Walker for Van Horn swap?  But then
how will we pay him?  The new CBA better allow us a way to lock up our
lottery guys.


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