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RE: Column on Walker

I've gotta take issue with your description of Tim Hardaway as a
"mediocre" player.  OK, he'd had his problems, but he was one hell of a
player, even before Riley got a hold of him.

Marc Pierce

On Sun, 26 Jul 1998, Noah P. Evans wrote:

> > Throw in this scenario; How long
> > would Antoine try and do it all himself for a coach like Riley who
> > expects every body to play within his system without any exceptions.
> Stangely enough, Riley is the coach that most NBA players want to play for.
> Players(other than Todd Day) love him.
> >If
> > Walker truly wants to be the Man, playing for Pitino is probably his
> > best option, Riley will keep him in check.
> For some reason players like that. Players know that if you play for Riley
> and accept his teachings you will do very well. With Brent Barry and
> Mashburn as notable exceptions, Riley takes mediocre players and turns them
> into gold(i.e. Tim Hardaway, Isaac Austin, Mark Strickland).
> Noah