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Re: Column on Walker

Icarus wrote:
> The more interesting point is that this is the same writer who early this
> year called Walker a black hole and a whiner etc, is now singing his praises
> by calling him phenomenal talent. That's an interesting about turn, and
> Walker for PJ Brown and Mashburn is a ridiculous idea, no matter how much RP
> loves Mash. Hey Ira! we got some role players on our team which we would
> like to trade, would you trade Zo for Dana, Pervis, Minor, Knight and we
> will pick Popeye's option and throw him in the mix too and unlike your trade
> scenario in my case the salaries also match. - MIshra

I agree with you, unless Pitino is under some sort of spell, One walker
is not worth a PJ brown and a Mashburn. Throw in this scenario; How long
would Antoine try and do it all himself for a coach like Riley who
expects every body to play within his system without any exceptions. If
Walker truly wants to be the Man, playing for Pitino is probably his
best option, Riley will keep him in check.