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Re: Column on Walker

>From: damekmo@teleport.com
>Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 14:38:20 -0800
>To: celtics@igtc.COM
>Subject: Re: Column on Walker
>>That's an interesting about turn, and
>>Walker for PJ Brown and Mashburn is a ridiculous idea, no matter how 
much RP
>>loves Mash.
>Mishra, that is an interesting about turn, and if Pitino trades Walker 
>Mashburn, I go back to calling Pitino "Aunt Bea."
>paul M.
Unfortunately, I think this deal could go through, but it would be 
part one of a two-part trade.  Let's say Pitino does the dirty deed,
and makes this deal.  I then think he keeps Mashburn, but packages
Brown and Pierce off for a power forward or center, and signs 
a free agent at whichever position wasn't filled by the trade. 

I wonder if the Clippers would be interested in a package deal of
Pierce, Brown, and a future first for Olowkandi and other 


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