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Bulls management

I think Bulls management with their Floyd announcement IMO made a very
smart business decision. They left the door wide open for Phil Jackson
to return to be the coach. They told the Prima Donna Jordan that they
want Jackson to come back to coach so that they can keep intact their
team for another run at the championship. If Jackson refuses, they will
claim that they did everything in their power to keep him as coach and
that they are not in any way responsible. If Prima Donna Jordan retires
or goes to another team(very unlikely) they will basically be telling
all their fans that it was not their decision to not keep the team
intact but instead it was Jackson's and Jordan's intent to break up the
team. A real business coup for the Bulls, since with the lockout and
all, the season ticket holders will have to shoot crap and renew. Either
way the Bulls management wins, they will have season ticket money in
hand and probably won't have to pay Jackson, Jordan, Pippen and Rodman
this year. Jordan if he is a man of integrity, giving up his $35 mill
salary (which I doubt) will retire because and I quote " I(Jordan) will
not play for any other coach. Of course there is the other man of
integrity, the honorable Pippen who and I quote, (I will not be back
with the Bulls after this year because of the way I have been treated by
management). Then there is the whacko Rodman who doesn't give a crap one
way or the other and will sign a contract with any team that offers the
most money and will let him wrestle with the Hulkster on the side. 
	The bottom line to the Bulls, could be a saving of any where up to 70
mill in salary for the coming year. This particular owner (Reinsdorf a
real lowlife) can't lose in either profits or public relations with the
fans. Owner wins, players lose.