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Re: Holley's at it again.

If all that is true could you explain why only MO Vaughn was asked to
undergo an alcohol evaluation? Is that a standard practice with the Sox. Did
they have Nomar or Pedro evaluated before giving them  large contracts then
why single out Mo. - MIshra

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From: Michael J. King Sr. <kingpin@primenet.com>
To: damekmo@teleport.com <damekmo@teleport.com>

>I like Mo and want him to stay but to blame the Sox for His inability to
>keep from making idiotic public statements is laughable. Finally when all
>else fails the Red Sox race relations will once again be brought up. I hope
>Mo and the Sox can work something out but let us lay the blame for the fans
>turning on Mo where it belongs and that is in the reflection in MO's
>bathroom mirror. IMO of course and YMMV. Later.Mike