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Re: Holley's at it again.

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>Holley this morning at:
>I like Holley more and more every day.
>Paul M

Me too, the irony is it is Dan Duqette who should be out of Boston for
destroying the franchise. First he drives Clemens, now Vaughn. I am
surprised nobody is taking him to task for trading Aaron Sele for garbage,
signing Robinson Checo (a pitcher who has been a bust) to a lot of money and
I could go on and on. Boston media with the exception of Holley loves it's
sports executives soon they will have them playing on the field too, because
all the marquee names that the management in it's infinite wisdom doesn't
approve off, will be soon gone. I stopped rooting for the Sox when they let
Rocket go and now with Vaughn gone I won't even look at the scores..Sorry
for rambling on a non-celtics matter.
                                                                    - MIshra