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Re: Holley's at it again.

At 10:27 7/25/98 , Icarus wrote:
>If all that is true could you explain why only MO Vaughn was asked to
>undergo an alcohol evaluation? Is that a standard practice with the Sox. Did
>they have Nomar or Pedro evaluated before giving them  large contracts then
>why single out Mo. - MIshra

Uh Did either of them roll a vehicle after partying all evening?  Did
either of them get ito a brawl in a bar? That wasn't the point anyway
Mishra.  They may have been wrong in asking him for an alcohol eval but
he is the one who made it public knowledge not the Sox. Mo has accused
the Sox of smearing him when HE is the one that hasn't seen a reporter
he doesn't like! I still hope they can work out a deal but I tire of
Mo's outbursts. Again YMMV. Later.Mike