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Good pub?

Here is a snippet off a CBS Sportsline article regarding the future of the

Oh the good ol'days,
 P.S.  I wonder what the legions of Braves fans are saying this morning
about their 21 year hero, Andruw Jones?  He too will mature, right?

"So what does that leave for Floyd, referred to as "Pink" by the old Bulls?
"Money, it's a drag ... He'll be starting over. Essentially, that's what
the Jerrys are saying. They're ready to take their six championships and
call it a day. They want to start over. They use the Celtics of the early
1990s as an example of how they don't want the ship to go down. Injuries to
Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish exacerbated their age, and the
Celtics weren't able to respond to their deterioration. 

THE JERRYS ALSO FAILED TO ACKNOWLEDGE the Celtics had to deal with the
tragic deaths of two stars -- Len Bias and Reggie Lewis -- which had
everything to do with the franchise's inability to immediately respond to
their age problem. "