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New article

I wrote this article, then looked at my last digest and went "Oh, God!"
Many of you may disagree with this article, but that's part of the fun
of debate.

Frankly I'm a little ticked at Antoine Walker's attitude.  In a league
where continually more and more younger players (HS, early college
grads) are playing, what he says and does carries with it more
responsibility than in past years.  The onus on coaches to make men out
of these boys is incredible.  Some of these young bucks can be broken,
some can't.

I find it disturbing that Walker makes these kinds of comments.  I say
this mostly because they are directed at his former college coach.  When
Rick Pitino was hired, there were mumblings that he and Walker did not
get along at UK.  Geez, maybe they were more than just rumors.

I disagree with Bob Ryan calling him a punk.  But in my article, I make
the point that maybe we should take his $100M and spend it on a center
and build the team around Ron Mercer and Paul Pierce.  That is
definitely a point for debate, but that's my contention.

So, enjoy my new article, "Celtics Might Just Build Around Pierce And
Mercer" at:


Bob George

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