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The Wrong Ben

It has become apparant that the Celtics chose to draft the wrong Ben from
Australia last year.  Of the two Bens that thenplayed for Newcastle, Pepper
and Melmeth, it is Melmeth who seems to be firming as a stronger possibility
to have NBA game.

While Pepper was cut from the Australian World championship team in camp,
Melmeth starred in the prelim games against Canada, improving his
perfomrance int he four games as his minutes increased, playing against
Washington centre MacColloch.  In game 4 where he logged 15 minutes playing
behind Dallas rookie Chris ANstey and LA Lakers second rounder and Real
Madrid player Paul Rogers, he severly outplayed them both, going  6 form 10
from the field grabbing 5 boards.  He scored freely with back to the basket,
on transition, ally oop and 15 foot range.  If any of you have a chance to
check him out in the Good Wills, have a look.

Just for the record, I did think Pepper was the better choice last year, but
Melmeth has worked so hard on his game that he has just leaped ahead.  He
has a great attitude and is a top bloke, as we say fown here.

Just to end with the obligatory Noah/Greg comment.  I actually find there
posts strangely compelling, kind of like that really stupid soap opera that
you know you should hate and you publically deride, yet find yourself
watching...  QUite frankly I am more sick of the constant "Is Walker citizen
of the decade or what".  

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