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Re: Bob Ryan Castrates Antoine Walker,

 Ryan concedes, that he is a very good
>one. So, why not stop at that, instead of resorting to calling names. Looks
>like the summer is getting to Bob, he  needs to chill out.

Something is wrong with our buddy Bob. His article is way over the top and
is in no way proportionate to Walkers situation or public pronouncements.
It sounds like Bob is struggling with college payments for his kids on his
honest but (N.B.A relatively ) meager salary and his Zoloft wore off.
Walker is a punk? Noah better get on the horn to Antoine and read him his
handy definition of slander and libel. Uncle Bobby needs a rubber room for
a couple of days because he's overstepped the bounds of propriety on this
one. Ask anybody in the slammer what a punk is . Walker should kick his

                                                  Michael A. DiZio