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Re: So Antoine Walker wants to win...

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From: TISDALE ROBERT TODD <tisdaler@ucsub.Colorado.EDU>
To: celtics@igtc.COM <celtics@igtc.COM>
> I simply hope he will see the value in delaying his payday
>for a year to allow the Celtics to build another dynasty, and worry that
>his quest for "respect" might doom the Celtics to mediocrity for several

How so? because whether AW signs an extension this year or a fresh contract
next year the money starts counting against the cap from next year. The
celtics thus have just this year to sign whatever FA they want too because
from next year onwards they will be capped out.

>Perhaps Pitino could make sure he knows exactly how much money
>Jordan makes on endorsements, what his salary was in the early years, and
>how many championships the Bulls have won.  Maybe ask him if he thinks MJ
>has gotten "respect."

You are looking backwards in time, Jordan or Pippen did not take a pay cut,
they signed a pretty competitive contract in their day. It is just that,
inflation in NBA makes that contract look puny compared to the deal that
players are getting.

> And if Antoine doesn't see the value in waiting a
>year for the big $, can we really believe that what he says about wanting
>to win is more important to him than what he says about wanting "respect"?

Hey look at it from Antoine's angle why should he wait? The money is
guaranteed, what if something bad happens to him.

>As a fan, is it more important to you that the Celtics win, or that
>Antoine gets his "respect?"  I do realize that some may think that those
>two things can co-exist, but I'm not sure that this team is ready to go
>over the salary cap just yet, dooming itself to improvement only by
>trades and the development of draft picks and lower-level free agents.
> Finally, when I say "respect", I mean whatever AW means when he
>says that he wants the Celtics to show him respect and loyalty by signing
>him this summer as opposed to next summer.

The way the celtics cap is structured Antoine or no Antoine, the C's can't
sign any marquee FA because a sizable part of the cap is invested in bench
warmers. The only way the C's can improve their stock is either by
discovering players like Bruce Bowen or trading any of (AW, RM, PP). I don't
think KA has the market value of the other three.

> Put me in the camp that
>realizes we don't know how much AW might want or demand.  I don't think
>the size of the contract really matters (or should matter) to anyone
>except Gaston and AW. Still, I do know that whatever the contract is, it
>WILL put the Celts over the cap for at the least the remainder of his

By previous CBA cap calculations once the C's sign PP they will have about 3
mill left if they pickup Popeye's option. If they do and looks like they
will, the only way they can sign anybody will be via the million dollar
exception. The scenario is not very different next year because Bowen and
Walker will be the only FA's i.e. if Walker is not offered an extension this
year but 1-1/2 times his last years salary will still count against the cap.

         - Mishra