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Ryan article

    I read this article with very mixed feelings.  I think that its tone is
unecessarily harsh, somewhat ironic in that he accuses AW of being "arrogant
and misguided."  The article itself has a certain arrogance to, a certain
judgmentalism.  Why writers need to issue forth articles in this tone is
beyond me.  (I do, in a sidebar, recall one such piece I did like.  When Kirk
Gibson left the Dodgers in '89 or so, a writer for the Times put out a column
wishing him good riddance, saying he was a good player but an unbearable human
being.  It was a vicious attack, but evidently accurate.  It made no effort to
persuade the team to do anything, it merely said "Goodbye and good riddance.")
    What bothers me more about the piece, though, is that it is hard to argue
with him in much of what he says.  He lists five comments by AW and then
criticises them.  He is on point on four, IMHO.  (Giving him grief for
pointing out that the Cs need a big man?  Excuse me, Mr. Ryan, but that isn't
exactly a controversial statement!)
    He points out the heavy number of technicals - good point.  He mentions
the irritation of opponents.  Good point.  He chastises him for the blanket
statement that he will "never" attend an off-season camp.  Good point.
     I do agree that AW is, as Ryan says, "a classic product of the modern
basketball system."  Whether that's a good thing or not is realy the question.
    I guess what all this amounts to is that I hate, loathe, detest and get
nauseated by labor negotiation/salary/contract talk.  All this woofing,
puffing, bragging and hyperbole just makes me want to throw up.  Ryan, shame
on you for calling him a punk. AW, shame on you for implying that no one
respects you. Go to your rooms.  Both of you.  Stay there until the first
center jump of the next season, whenever that may be. And take your agents
with you.  And David Stern.