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Re: Peter May On Antoine Walker

Actually the heat gets to Ryan at this time of the year people and
influences his brain. People who have read him for a while will recall his
article on the state of the celtics and I am quoting this from memory:

"The Boston celtics are irrelevant in todays NBA",

and the reason he cited are:
"Fleet center is a modern arena but hardly a rose garden or an America West
"Players in todays NBA want  to play in warm weather climate" blah! blah!

I wonder what people like Bob Ryan do if they have a Dennis Rodman or Chris
Webber or their likes on the team they are covering. Time for Ryan to hang
off his pen. - Mishra

Chuck Cagle wrote in message <35B21438.2ADB6EC2@bellsouth.net>...
>  Sadly, I agree.  Ryan's stories aren't anywhere near his "glory" years,
back in
>the '80's when he could wax eloquently about the latest bar Larry Bird had
>thrown out of, banned for life. <g>
>    And along those lines, did anyone catch Ryan on FoxSports one day last
>when he was so "impassioned?"  I missed it, but one of the guys at work
said Bob
>pretty much took Antoine down, and declared Ron Mercer is the best player
the Celts
>have, hands down.