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Re: Will McDonough Crucifies Antoine

What is up with the Boston media ? Are they paid by the owners or they are
paid to give an impartial perspective ? Why do they hate the Boston all
stars so much? It doesn't matter whether it's Ryan, McDonough or May, they
are all the same and then there is Shaugnessy who hates every one
unconditionally. They refuse to live in the present and have this ideal
image of the past which they can't give up. For them an all star should be
comparable to Russell, Cousy, Havlicek, Bird, Ted Williams. I have two
words for them, "guys retire". Anytime you can't see anything positive in 
modern day athelete, it's clear that time has passed you bye and clouded
your vision. An example of this is in the McDonough article cited below:

Let's just take his perspective of Antoine Walker

WM: Antoine Walker kept reffering to himself as an All-Star, said in so
many words that Pitino is a liar.

All of us read that article and nowhere did he say that RP is a liar unless
Holley has conveyed something privately to McDon'tKnow which he didn't
write in his article. AW may have called Boston media as liars because it
is  they who are saying that he is demanding a 6 years 105 mill dollar

Regarding that all star bit, he made one reference to it and that is one
thing they can't take away from him. The Boston media resents it no end,
because in there mind he is immature, bonehead, Black hole, most hated
player in the NBA and some more adjectives that I can't recall. If one goes
by what has been reported, AW has been offered to several teams who refused
to trade for him. If I was AW and found an iota of truth in what has been
reported, I would take it as a sign of no respect and no loyalty.  
                                                 - Mishra
> From: Way Of The Ray <wayray@ix.netcom.com>
> And here's what the silver-haired, curt-tongued journalist said:
> "And while Mo was bleeping his way around the Sox' locker room, Long Gone

> Antoine was moanin' to our man Michael Holley about his Celtics contract
> his coach, Rick Pitino.  Antoine kept referring to himself as an
All-Star, said 
> in so many words that Pitino is a liar, and added that it was a waste of
> to go to specialized individual practices, as pitino had requested,
> after all, Antoine is a All-Star.  A 22-year-old All-Star who missed 900
> last season and shoots 42 percent from the floor.  A 22-year-old All-Star
> should be down on his knees thanking Pitino for letting him take so many
> even though he is a terrible shooter.  He wouldn't get the same free hand
> a coach with a winning team.
> "In case you don't understand where either of them are coming from, the
> word is money.
> "Mo said last year it wasn't about the money, and now he says it is about
> money.  Sure it is.  Mo wants to read a story in the fall that says he is
> highest-paid player in the major leagues, even if it's for a day.  Mo
> more money than Pedro Martinez.  He wants bragging rights in the locker
> "Same story with Walker.  If the Minnesota Timberwolves give Kevin
> another Chicago homeboy, more than $100 million, then Antoine wants the
> 'respect.'  If Minnesota is that stupid, then he wants the Celtics to be
> stupid.
> "Fortunately for us, the Red Sox and Celtics don't appear to be that
> and both Vaughn and Walker are in the final year of their contracts. 
> luck, fellas.  The bus is running.  Don't let the door hit you in your 
> backside.  You won't be missed.  People around here aren't big on
> who don't appreciate getting paid in millions for playing games."
> Ray