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Re: Noah needs to chill

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From: Noah Evans <ishbak@hotmail.com>
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Date: Saturday, July 18, 1998 4:44 AM
Subject: Re: Noah needs to chill

>> Greg may be disagreeable, but for you to claim he has
>>libeled or slandered you is ridiculous.
>>From the American heritage dictionary:
>Slander: 1. law Oral communication of false statements injurious to a
>person's reputation. 2. A false and malicious statement or report about
>While slander in the legal sense is not met in this case, the situation
>certainly falls within the second. Merely for edification purposes of

I would think that Keith would step in here at any time and say "ENOUGH OF
THIS THREAD GENTLEMEN"!  Quite frankly, this stuff is very boring.  If you
have a problem with what has been written about you, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE

>> I for one am grateful that you have slowed
>> But you do need to chill out.
>Frankly I'm rather enjoying my control over Greg's emotions. I have
>reduced Greg's arguments to ad hominem attacks which is a sure sign of
>victory(if you can ever really win a debate).

I think you've struck the root of the problem here.  You are enjoying your
control of Greg's emotions?  Noah, c'mon now.  Is Greg that important for
you to make such an egocentric statement as that?  Please, for the sake of
the many members here who enjoy basketball talk, STOP IT!

>   I am disheartened by Antoine's criticism of Paul Pierce but his
>Iversonian(which can be construed either way) loyalty to his friends
>regardless of basketball heartens me. This trait --possibly the most
>important in any team sport-- is what will bring Antoine into great
>status if he ever acheives it.

That's more like it.  Personally, I don't think what he said about Pierce is
wrong either.  He acknowledged that Pierce can score and would supply that
for the unit off the bench.  I think he's right actually.  Pierce may very
well end up starting, but it won't likely be during the first half of the

There are many things yet to be determined about him:

- Can he handle the 82 game schedule?
- Will he sustain the effort when he hits the "rookie wall"?
- Will he be able to adjust to RP's defensive scheme?
- Is he strong enough to handle NBA small forwards?
- Can he consistently knock down the corner jumper?

These questions, and more, will be answered during the season, but I don't
think Toine was being anything but honest in his reply.  Were we not all
hoping for a big man in the draft?