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Re: Most Disturbing Thing About The Walker Article

>From: damekmo@teleport.com
>Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 23:10:40 -0800
>To: celtics@igtc.COM
>Subject: Re: Most Disturbing Thing About The Walker Article
>Witch Craft wrote:
>>Of course it's bashing.  It's an arrogant statement by a guy who's led
>>the Celtics to two lottery appearances.  What has Walker proven
>>for him to denigrate a quality player like Pierce?
>Damn that All-Star appearance.

And I think Walker could be one of the top five players in the NBA,
but he needs to shut up and shoot better.

>>And don't even
>>throw out that crap about Pierce being unproven, because you can make
>>the same statement about every rookie entering the NBA.
>Crap alert! Here it comes! Ok...I'll make the same statement about 
>rookie entering the NBA. They're all unproven. This seems, let me
>think......obvious, no? Walker never said he doesn't have "it." He even
>said that he might have enough of "it" to start. But in his opinion,
>there's not enough of "it" there yet. Sorry...this just doesn't seem 
>denigration to me.

I still think it was a dig at Pierce.  And the reason for Antoine's 
comments is because he wanted the C's to draft his pal Nazr, and when 
they didn't,  he lashed out. 

>> Walter McCarty: ha ha ha.  A guy who can't shoot or guard anyone.
>Nobody's been harder on McCarty than I have. I've called him a 
>player. However...Walker has played alongside Walter in college, and 
>the pros. He has a history with him. I think it's called....loyalty.

Sometimes a person is blinded by their loyalty, causing them to eschew 
more appropriate options.

>Paul M

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