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RE: [CBA] Ball in Owners Park

> There is freedom, if you don't like your employment or it's beliefs, you
> can leave.

To work in wage slavery for an equally tyrannical owner. Hardly the vision
of the "yeoman farmer" Thomas Jefferson intended.

>Just like an owner can shut down his factory if the unions try
> to cripple the business.

Unions try to cripple his business? That's laughable. There's a reason 50%
of America's resources are in the hands of 1% of the USA population.

> Funny thing with all these business markets
> leaving the country, the economy is better than ever, if you can believe
> that.

For the wealthy. According to UCLA economist, Edward Leamer, in the post
NAFTA economy "skilled" workers(30% of the population) will gain $3,000 in
yearly income. The rest of the population however, the "unskilled", is
losing $750 in income. Hardly a booming economy for most people.

> Not trying to go far off the path here but the reason many are
> working 2 jobs is because unions (agents) have pushed employers to re-tool
> their work force.

No. Unions are merely the excuse. Owners just wish to increase already
excessive profits.

> Owners are all about money, they don't feel anything.

Of course they are.

>They don't "feel your pain"

No they don't. But that wasn't what I said, I said the owners *wanted* pity
and they do. The owners are trying to use the sham of losing money as way of
wringing concessions out of the players. They want to arouse enough public
outcry against player salaries(and they're succeeding) that the players will
be pressured to comprimise.

>Funny when owners were paying out large sums of dough the NBA players
>and a % of that to the players agents, things were just fine.

And they still are with the new TV deal.

>Now some teams and the league foresee financial problems, the players
> union see that as bull.

Now you use the term "foresee[ing]" financial problem, instead of currently
being unprofitable as the league claims. Both are highly unlikely. The
league is unlikely to have financial difficulty now because they won't
release their books. And the league is highly unlikely to have financial
problems in the future thanks to the new TV deal. The owners are just
pressuring to see if they can milk some concessions out of the players.